Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Everyday Food Styling is Here!

The much-anticipated techniques course for Food Stylists is here at last! Complete with video demonstrations, you'll learn the techniques used by professional food stylists every day. Once you understand the role of a food stylist as part of a commercial photography team, there are basic techniques and knowledge you must know to organize and execute common food photography jobs.

This 4-week Photo Styling Workshops course takes you one step farther on the road to becoming an accomplished food stylist. Through in-depth written lessons, video tutorials, and an interactive student gallery, learn the essentials of what you must know each day you step into the studio. Under the expert guidance of veteran food stylist Lisa Golden Schroeder, learn how to:
• Keep greens and herbs fresh and lively, along with other fresh produce
• Build a beautiful salad
• Create thirst-quenching beverages in a pinch
• Make a juicy, perfectly grilled chicken breast
• Cook a sizzling steak or pork chop
• Build a better burger or sandwich
• Roast a golden crisp bird, from game hens to the iconic Thanksgiving turkey
• Play with side dishes: rice, pasta, potatoes
• Thicken and thin both sweet and savory sauces; keeping them glossy
• Keep foods fresh under camera

Course sessions are scheduled for January 27 and March 24, 2009. Register now!

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