Sunday, May 3, 2009

Truly International Classes

They always say that the best thing about the World Wide Web is that you can reach people around the world as easily as around the corner. That was certainly true in the March 24 session of Everyday Food Styling. The students were from:
Nova Scotia, Canada
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Shanghai, China
Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ku, Japan
Erwinna, PA
New York, NY

What's more, I was working on my laptop in Indonesia and then Hong Kong, processing their registrations!

Everyday Food Styling is our 4-week food styling techniques class enhanced with videos on Vimeo. These are accessible only to current students and demonstrate the special techniques that food stylists use "everyday" on the job. The instructor Lisa Golden Schroeder emails the students a written PDF lesson each work and access to the videos so that they can learn at their pace. There is a Class Gallery where the students can upload their assignments and receive feedback from Lisa on their work. They also benefit from viewing the work and comments of other students in the class.

One interesting aspect of this class especially was the search for products stylists use, like Kitchen Bouquet, for darkening sauces and meat. Lisa helped by encouraging the search for comparable products available at the local marketplace. Generally we offer a telephone conference call near the end of our courses for asking questions and sharing information but this class couldn't find a convenient time for all of them!Other international students who have participated our styling classes have hailed from Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Venezuela, Nigeria, Finland, Phillipines, and Spain.

The coursework is only provided in English but we have been considering a translation into Spanish. If this interests you - or if you are a Spanish-speaking styist who could help with student comments please let us know!
(Photo above, Green Salad from Anthony Francis Antao)

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