Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Little Yoga Studio Shoot

One of the fun things about being a freelancer is the option of trading services with other independent people. I view this is an opportunity to help and network with others, in addition to being a good way to spend less cash.

Years ago I used to design T-shirts for my exercise program in Florida, Tuff Stuff. I managed to attend for months at a time just for designing a cool T-shirt for the instructors to wear. So when I was doing yoga this winter in my neighborhood yoga studio, The Little Yoga Studio, I got an idea. Maybe Maria Camacho, the owner would like to have great photographs of the products she sells. And we could trade.

Maria sells her own line of T-shirts and other great brands of yoga wear; also books, candles, and other yoga-related products. And she liked the idea. I enlisted Cedric Chang, my friend and former student, to help – he always likes to gain experience in the styling and photography world. One afternoon when there were no classes we met at the studio (actually the cafĂ© down the street to get an injection of caffeine) and he played the photographer role while we both experimented with styling options and backgrounds. We had only three hours before the next class session so we had to use our time efficiently.

Here are some of the images we took that day, which are already up on Maria’s site, and I will be able to attend classes as often as I want this summer!

One bonus for all of the San Diego photo community: while shooting there I realized what a great location the yoga studio is. I have art-directed and styled athletic wear on location before and it’s always a challenge to find a good gym or studio setting. There are no mirrors which make shooting difficult (too many reflection problems, both lighting and the crew) and the bamboo-style flooring and wood walls make a great warm environment. While the studio is not large, I know this would be a great photo location. And now the San Diego Film Commission has The Little Yoga Studio on file.

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