Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swine Flu aka Whine Flu

I never believed in the flu because I did not “get” the flu. I saw it as being a victim of your own weakness. Really, I was that intolerant. I didn’t get flu shots because I didn’t get the flu. Why would I want to do that? There is so much more in life than the flu. I hadn’t been sick more than two days for many years.

Until the day after I returned form my trip to Boston and upstate New York this summer. I had a sore throat. I felt like lying down! In two days it didn’t go away. How odd. After four days I went to a doctor; he said "it’s just a virus" but I knew that wasn’t possible. No diagnosis, disappointing, I just wasn’t right. My niece Janice (yes, the catalog whore) who is a physician, diagnosed me over the phone with the Swine Flu, H1N1. She had had it herself and the symptoms matched, exactly. Sore throat, coughing, weariness that just won’t go away, even the urge to whine about it. It was all reassuring but it still wouldn’t stop. What happened to my strong will and desire to triumph over illness with work?!

When I went back to the office and got an inconclusive (because it was too late) test I made a solemn promise to my nurse-practitioner that I would from now on, get a flu shot. I recommend we all do. This has slowed me down and worse, and I'm now in the fourth week! You don’t want to deal with it. Learn more from the NIH Website.

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