Monday, July 13, 2009

The T-Shirt Laydown

Last week my student/blog consultant, Erika Viereck, and I had a photo shoot to create the icon for this blog. Here are some cool shots Erika took of the process. Before-and-after shots are always fascinating - and too often we forget to take them. Stay tuned for our new masthead - you'll see this shirt again!
Before. Complete with water drip from the steamer.

Me, Susan, cutting some batting to size to add loft under the T-shirt.

Once the batting is under the shirt, I placed rolls of tissue paper inside to give the shirt those vertical ripples.

Adding a second roll of tissue. These can be finessed later. The tissue is maleable.

Some fiber fill inside the shoulders helps to soften the shoulders and neckline.

Added the scissors, clothespins, and oversized safety pins as stylist props. Getting close but still a lot more tweaking to go.

Our final shot. We liked the extra rippling since it's going to be such a small image.

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