Monday, July 20, 2009

What Were the 90s About?

In a recent discussion with some young friends/neighbors the subject of the 1990s came up. We realized there was little we could think of to define the decade. Sure, we know the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The decade of the 80s, especially the music, seems to be clearer to the people who were growing up then – I guess I ignored culture those years while I was bringing up my daughter. Though I do recall tight jeans, oversized T-shirts, and gravity-defying bangs. Seems some people were making a lot of money, while others of us were struggling.

But the 90s? What happened then? The era was only 9 to 19 years ago; maybe it’s too recent to have the right perspective. Here are some of the recollections of the 90s that were shared the other night:
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and 90210
Shoulder pads
Baby boomers trying to go straight
Getting back to normalcy
The first Iraq war

The last item, transition, seems to sum up the decade better than anything else. But that brings us back to the original question: What were the 90s all about?

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