Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When is She Going to Write About Styling?

I know, this blog is about the profession of styling, not about me. Well, partly about me. But I do believe that you can’t separate culture, trends, and fashion from styling! Every experience and observation that we make in our lives affects the aesthetics we contribute to a photo shoot.

The current economy allows us a little more time to reflect and look around too. Many are using this “down” time to improve their skills and portfolios, as evidenced by the number of online students from around the world that we have at Photo Styling Workshops. Some are frustrated creatives investigating a new career in a creative field such as food styling, others are already in the field but feeling the need to grow. And if you are reading this blog you may be someone who wants to connect and communicate about our similar goals.

I hope to hear from other stylists about these thoughts and print contributions about the career from viewpoint beyond my own. And life’s anecdotes are always fun in the meantime.

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