Thursday, August 27, 2009

ASMP Demo Day

I spent last Saturday styling at an event sponsored by ASMP’s San Diego chapter – a “Pro Workshop” featuring three different photo specialties, product, fashion, and sports. I worked with photographer William Morton, makeup artist Mary Erickson, and two models to demonstrate a fashion shoot. The description:
Fashion Photography with William Morton
William demonstrates his experience working with models to highlight fashion (as well as the model). Different styles of fashion will be highlighted, with a demonstration of the effects on different fabrics and textures. A professional makeup artist and a stylist will discuss their inputs to the finished product, and how the team works together to achieve the look the designer demands.

I found two dresses that would be challenging to light to make William’s life more difficult. Could it be any more difficult? Yes, everything that could go wrong…

First two models cancelled the day before. When he started setting up his segment, first one light blew out, then the backup light blew. The projector refused to work with his computer. It went on and on. The group broke early for lunch and eventually things worked out. All this is, I think, a more effective learning situation than a shoot that goes smoothly. The lighting, version three, beautifully lit the fabrics, the audience stayed interested, looking back and forth between the set and the image projected on the wall seconds after it was shot and we were all able to demonstrate what we do. And William kept his cool and made the point that you always need backup equipment on a photo shoot.

Photos courtesy of Wayne Richard and William Morton

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