Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Harper’s Bazaar August Cover

I love this cover! When I first received the magazine I liked the color, mood, dress, and composition. But then I thought, wait a minute! Did Kate Winslet really suspend herself at a great height like that? Would they let her do it? What a risk! Not that celebrities have more value than the rest of us. I keep staring at it.

The photographer is Peter Lindbergh and Fashion Editor is Aleksandra Woroniecka. (I think the cover may have been used only on subscription copies – sometimes I see other covers on the magazines in stores.)

Showing the cover around, I ask if other people think that shoot really happened. Most scoff and say, no, they shot that in a studio. I decided to look at the magazine’s Website and see if I could get the real story. The image was there but not the true story. I know from the other photos in the Kate Winslet story that there was a photo shoot in the same weather in Manhattan. But that’s all I know. Behind-the-scenes information is so much fun isn’t it? How do you think the cover shot was done? Add comments below.

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