Wednesday, August 5, 2009

St. Barbara's Dress

I just love the fabric in this dress. Just looking at every crinkle and fold in this garment, as the artist (Jan Van Eyck) drew them excites me! Is it not gorgeous?

This week I started working on the photographs for my next book, on Off-Figure Styling. I've been in the studio with my photographer Siobhan Ridgeway and assistant Cedric Chang, documenting every single step in creating the perfect laydown of, for example, a pair men's shorts. With a fine art background I look more at the fine details of fabric than the whole fashionable ensemble, whether I am looking at a photograph or styling it myself.

When I've been working on off-figure styling I find myself arranging the drape of every bit of fabric around me: the couch, the bed linens, my T-shirt, can't help it.

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