Friday, August 21, 2009

Venice Beach: Roller Skating Capital of the World

On a trip to Santa Monica (our old hood) my husband I perused a pictorial history book on Venice, CA. Since we both had lived there and I spent many happy days roller skating on Venice Beach these “historical” photos are always of interest.

In the late 1970s everyone was skating and Venice was proclaimed (by the mayor of LA anyway) to be “the roller skating capital of the world.” I was right there in this historical fad, spending my days skating in shorts and knee pads (after a nasty fall), my long, permed, blond hair flying in the wind. This was me.

I waitressed at night at Snooky’s, the jazz club where I met my future husband Gary Cox, slept till noon and then skated to breakfast. I was fit! It is so interesting to be a baby-boomer and participate in all the trends of my era. A living cliché – but loving every bit of it.

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