Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, I am sorry I've been neglecting you! I didn't mean to, I love to post. Life just got in the way, really. I worked two weeks at the Old Globe, on a musical called "Sammy" that is going to be fabulous. (I'll write about Sammy later, seeing it next week.) What a September!

I also joined Beth Reiner's new class Prop Styling 101. Yes, I'm an online student at Photo Styling Worskhops! I love it; I'm learning so much - I want to be a prop stylist!

Continuing with my Mesa College class. We went to visit Nick Nacca's studio last Thursday. All these will be posts next week, I hope.

And... this weekend is our Food Styling & Photography Workshop in San Diego. I think we're ready! But there are 30 people coming in from throughout the US and Canada, Ireland and Costa Rica. How exciting. I want everything to be amazing and I think it will be. Will let you know! S

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