Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BBQ and Beer Shoot

The test shoot I'd been planning with photographer Nick Nacca and food stylist Cindy Epstein was completed last Friday with success and delight. I contributed the Prop Styling and utilized some of the new skills I'd learned from Prop Styling 101. Nick made use of his contact, the owner of Alpine Beer Company, to provide micro-brewed beer and his restaurant menu for inspiration.

We frosted bottles with gelatin-ice and plated a slab of ribs on diner-style dishes, after torching them to caramelized crispness. We poured foamy froth over the edge of glasses. We concluded the day with a back-lit bottle laying on its side surrounded by ice, both real and faux. Now with his unique layering techniques, Nick will be creating the finished images for all of us to savor! As soon as they are ready I will post them here - and on the newly redesigned Cox Productions!

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