Monday, October 19, 2009

Best of Student Work

At last, I have finished another goal. I wanted to place the "Best of Student Work" from our online classes on the home page where everyone would see them. I have been posting the work on a Gallery but I doubt if anyone besides myself ever looked at them. Well, they're still there.

Now, they proudly parade in the slide show on the Photo Styling Workshops home page.

Current work represents Prop Styling 101 with Beth Reiners and Food Styling 101 with Debbie Wahl, both recently completed.

We wish we could represent all of our students but this is a competition, after all! This work represents the strongest visual images from the classes. While we assure students that good photography is not the goal of our courses - learning about styling is - it is a joy to look at these images. They will be updated regularly but will continue to be on view in the Gallery. (If anyone cares to look!) Congratulations!

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