Friday, October 9, 2009

Every year I ask my college fashion styling students to do a magazine presentation. They search in one single magazine for an example of each type of styling in both advertising and editorial. The types are:
Off-Figure Styling
Room Sets

Believe it or not, nearly every magazine includes an example of each. Maybe not Psychology Today or Popular Mechanics but most fashion or lifestyle magazines do.

The presentation boards, though, that I used to ask for began to seem sad - what do you do with a presentation board after you're done with it? Recycle it? Throw it away? And they weren't much fun to take home to grade either. So this year I asked them to think of a unique way to present the project. I got some Power Point presentations, some journal-type books, all were wonderful. Most fun was viewing some of the assignments on YouTube!

This is a video by one of my Mesa College Students on the Styling Career:

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