Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Food Styling & Photography Workshop

So now it's been a week since we concluded the three-day workshop in San Diego. It was fabulous. Not perfect, but fabulous. Lisa, Greg, and I were defineitley satisfied and we heard some very gratifying comments from attendees. Like "I've never shot such a good photo in my life," and "I am coming to the next one!"

I hope to have a lot more behind-the-scenes photos to share but here is a start. And we will soon have a Gallery set up where everyone who was there can view the shots. I can't wait to post our two final shots from the magazine cover and FSI ad we shot to demonstrate these two types of food photography. And most important, the great food shots the Master Class students created.

Thanks to Cedric, Cindy, the two Kens, and the wonderful folks at Macy's who hosted our workshop in the Culinary Kitchen of the Mission Valley Home Store. In March we plan to do it again in Atlanta!

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