Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Got a BlueQ Bag!

Here's what my daughter Elizabeth gave me for my birthday:

My very own tote bag and change purse from BlueQ, the ones she first discovered and we were both so intrigued by (See my November 6, 2009 post). Now I know the full story; the 8-page tag/booklet says:

Woven from 95% post-consumer material/Recyclable plastic bottles and used grain sacks are collected, ground and.../melted into rolls of recycled plastic... woven into durable bag fabric/printed with our super-fantastic graphics.../cut & sewn into bags of all shapes & sizes/and off to work they go./1% of the sales of this product support global environmental initiatives. See details and links at BLUEQ.COM. Manufactured in a facility monitored & recognized for: employee care, product quality, environmental responsibility.

Not bad, huh?

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