Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Search for a New Toolkit

After using the same styling toolbox for about ten years, I decided it's time for a new one. I was attached to it; as I say in the video "Choose something you like, it's your right arm." But I am sort of tired of this personalized box and my Goo-Gone has spilled so many times that the orange scent is getting old.

So Gary and I went shopping on Sunday. We started at a sports supply store, Sports Chalet to see what was available in the fishing section. I found one that was almost perfect, an open section at the top and two drawers for supplies, affordable too. But there were these sections on either end that stuck out, full of holes, for poles? I couldn't live with those. On to Home Depot, where we discovered that an employee had just collapsed and paramedics were arriving. The toolboxes were inexpensive but nothing special, nothing I fell in love with. So we moved on to Target, where I bought my old kit and recommended for shopping in my book. They don't sell them any more! Nothing!(Have to change in th erevised edition!) I looked online and only found this one:

Disappointing, mission unaccomplished. Crafts stores might be an option. I do want something heavy-duty and masculine-looking. My friend Cedric said he has a black toolbox he isn't using. That's great. I did want to have the experience of the shopping-hunt though. I will write as the hunt concludes and look forward to re-organizing my styling tools.

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