Monday, November 16, 2009

Women Artists Retreat

I just returned from a great weekend at camp in Julian, CA. The annual retreat held by Women's Caucus for Art (the San Diego Chapter) was really great this year. I had skipped the past two years, after attending the first 9 (9!) and it was good to be back at a whole weekend devoted to doing art.

We did a number of activities including portrait painting, encaustic, eating organic food, and talking. I met some women I really liked, especially the older, more experienced artists. Encaustic was my favorite medium, an ancient medium made from bees wax and resin from an East Indies native tree, which hardens when cured with heat and lasts forever. It appeals to me because of the translucent layers, ability to contain collage, and its depth, which are aspects of the work I already do. What's tough is the expensive materials and complex setup, more than I can manage here at home. So the workshop was a perfect opportunity to explore encaustic.

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