Monday, December 21, 2009

Magazine Layouts

I love these mini-magazine-layouts as in the Janaury 2010 Harper's Bazaar. They take me back to my old graphic design days. And they inspire me to keep creating mock-editorials like these from my Fashion Photo Styling class at San Diego Mesa College.

I design a rough layout with headlines in place to inspire the students during their on-campus fashion shoot. Once the shots are edited, I place them into layouts to create editorial spreads for their own portfolios.

Our guest fashion photographer for this shoot was Siobhan Ridgway. Models courtesy of San Diego Model Management. Thanks to a great crew and a great group of styling students!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Downtown San Diego

This is the first of an occasional series about discoveries in downtown San Diego, where I live. Last week my stylist friend Cedric and I had our Tuesday afternoon coffee and I discovered some new spots as we explored this city. More to follow on those.

Then I revisited one of my favorites, Farkas Store Fixtures. I haven't been there in five years or so but the place hasn't changed a bit! I bought my early styling equipment there: rolling rack, steamer, tissue paper, a mannequin, tagger, plastic hangers... For the sake of my research I thought I should check on current prices of these items. They're a little more but Farkas is fairly frozen in time, and dependable as ever - in addition to being painted pink, surprisingly huge, and warehouse-like right in the middle of a thriving city.
(Photos courtesy of Yelp.)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Glue Dots

A new styling material I learned about from one of the attendees at the San Diego Food Styling & Photography Workshop. She says it is just like clear putty and leaves no residue. I bought my own pack and had a chance to test it out!

I find the dots very similar to my hallowed jar of Museum Gel but in more controlled quantities. There is so much fun to be had by sticking one’s finger in the smooth gel and taking a dollop, only to have it become smooth again in a day to two. (I often pass it around and share it in classes and workshops, loads of fun!)

Glue dots are available in craft stores and museum gel can be found online, along with blue or gray putty, sold for holding objects in place in earthquakes.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Stylist Thank You Note

After a photo styling workshop several years ago, I received this brilliant thank you card. Megan Hirsch attended the weekend workshop and as her career began to take off immediately following the workshop, she styled this card for me. It’s made out of styling tools! Even though it’s been a few years I kept it around and wanted to share the creative idea on my blog.

I have more Megan Hirsch news to share soon on this blog. Or check out and

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cool Product Line

This is the product of one of the students in my Fashion Styling class at San Diego Mesa College. Juan Carlos Olivas and his brother invented these avant-garde beer cozies with a twist - and a handle!

Their slogan: "Bringing a little class to the front porch". I think this is emblematic of a new more modest style.

Juan Carlos' final project for my styling class is very cool - it's a take on the Corona Beer ad where there are two people seen from behind their beach chairs with their Coronas between them against a background of a beautiful beach. His project is two brothers sitting on a rooftop on ragged folding chairs with the beer cozy on a 40 ounce beer between them. Telephone poles and cityscape background. (I'll post it when it's submitted.)

See for the full style story.

P.S. A couple of footnotes: Juan-Carlos is the inventer of the 40Cozy and has several partners in the biz, but not his brother. Sorry for the error. Also, in the interest of disclosure, I have received a sample WeeCozy. I love it!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Summer Visualization Board is Down

Obviously it's a new season! Not only is it cold in San Diego but there are other signs as well. I posted a story about this small board that illustrated my hopes and goals for summer 2009. It's been on the wall above my computer since last June. I'd been thinking it was time to take it down when a couple of days ago my board was on the floor.

I did achieve most of what was illustrated on the board - travel, off-figure styling photos for my book, listen to music. Now, what are my new winter goals? I'll write more when I narrow them down.