Monday, December 7, 2009

Cool Product Line

This is the product of one of the students in my Fashion Styling class at San Diego Mesa College. Juan Carlos Olivas and his brother invented these avant-garde beer cozies with a twist - and a handle!

Their slogan: "Bringing a little class to the front porch". I think this is emblematic of a new more modest style.

Juan Carlos' final project for my styling class is very cool - it's a take on the Corona Beer ad where there are two people seen from behind their beach chairs with their Coronas between them against a background of a beautiful beach. His project is two brothers sitting on a rooftop on ragged folding chairs with the beer cozy on a 40 ounce beer between them. Telephone poles and cityscape background. (I'll post it when it's submitted.)

See for the full style story.

P.S. A couple of footnotes: Juan-Carlos is the inventer of the 40Cozy and has several partners in the biz, but not his brother. Sorry for the error. Also, in the interest of disclosure, I have received a sample WeeCozy. I love it!

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