Saturday, December 19, 2009

Downtown San Diego

This is the first of an occasional series about discoveries in downtown San Diego, where I live. Last week my stylist friend Cedric and I had our Tuesday afternoon coffee and I discovered some new spots as we explored this city. More to follow on those.

Then I revisited one of my favorites, Farkas Store Fixtures. I haven't been there in five years or so but the place hasn't changed a bit! I bought my early styling equipment there: rolling rack, steamer, tissue paper, a mannequin, tagger, plastic hangers... For the sake of my research I thought I should check on current prices of these items. They're a little more but Farkas is fairly frozen in time, and dependable as ever - in addition to being painted pink, surprisingly huge, and warehouse-like right in the middle of a thriving city.
(Photos courtesy of Yelp.)

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  1. This was a great day we had. Im glad we visited Farkas because I discovered I needed a Dennison Gun for a shoot the following week.