Friday, February 27, 2009

Kristin Slaby, Prop Stylist

This week we are featuring a professional prop stylist, Kristin Slaby, who works in New York. Here is how she describes her career:

"I have been working as a prop stylist for the past ten years or so. Mainly focusing on food because I enjoy being around food and can relate to food. I have learned over the years even though there are so many wonderful props with color, texture, patterns and shapes that what I need to be aware of is: it's not about the props. It is about the food or the product and this is what I focus on.

"The props cannot upstage the food or the product. They should compliment, and highlight, the food/product, at the same time creating an environment or a story/theme that the client has expressed. The food/product should 'pop' and resonate with the viewer with the help of the props. I hope this little bit of information is helpful to upcoming prop stylists. Please feel free to view my website for examples:"