Saturday, January 16, 2010

Café Press Customer Service

I recently had a great customer service experience from Café Press, the on-demand T-shirt print service and host of online stores. I have two stores on Café Press where I have baby T-shirts and other products based on my hand-drawn illustrations of vintage toys. (Some of them weren’t vintage yet when I drew them but that’s the nature of time.)

Last weekend I went to my own store, Linnet Baby to buy a onesie for friend Raquel in San Pedro, CA, who was having a baby shower and I ordered this one to be sent to her. But I forgot to enter the recipient’s address until I hit the button completing the purchase. So I emailed Café Press customer service. I got the nicest email back on Monday saying “I do apologize for any inconvenience. I have taken a look into your account information and notice your order has already shipped. Therefore, I have processed a replacement order for you at no additional charge. … There is no need for a return! Please go ahead and keep the original order as our way of saying thanks for shopping at!” Isn’t that nice? I am using the extra shirt as a blog story about the thrill of good customer service.

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