Friday, January 8, 2010


I didn't expect to like Facebook so much and resisted joining. This blog seemed like enough of a venture into social networking. I thought Facebook would either (a.) be boring or (b.) take too much of my time. But I did it for Photo Styling Workshops, to set up a fan page and generate more interest in our online classes and workshops. Well, I do really like it; (a.) it's not boring, getting glimpses of news and daily events from the 128 people I know there. But (b.) it really does take a lot of my time, checking in to see what's new - in the last five minutes!

I think you have to be very careful to post nice and neutral material. I've been telling the story of a sweet potato plant I've been growing and posting images of its progress. That's nice. And I've reconnected with some old firends and relatives I had lost track of. I've been sharing new media I am doing artwork in with artist friends and seeing how my daughter feels every day, before her regular phone call.

And to follow my original objective, I have a FAN PAGE for Photo Styling Workshops with 36 loyal followers. If you're a Facebook follower please become a fan.

Images shown, the sweet potato (commonly known as App) on Thanksgiving day and December 28, 2009.

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