Friday, February 5, 2010

Fashion History Subbing

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching a session of Fashion History at San Diego Mesa College. I am substituting for Susan Lazear who is presenting at a workshop in New Zealand. After an intense learning session of my own we covered the Minoan culture of Crete and will be moving on next week to Greek and Roman fashion history. The fun part is relating these historic influences to contemporary fashions.

I also taught Susan's class in InDesign/Publishing. This is a natural for me - we are doing a fashion photo shoot for the Fashion Department's annual fashion show, the Golden Scissors Awards, coming up in May. It'll be great fun leading these enthusiastic and creative students through a photo shoot. I will write more about it next week.

Meanwhile for the Fashion History class, here is a link to the Power Point presentations on Crete. (Thanks to my friend Annie Amata for the Minoan crash course and learning materials!)

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