Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More College Substituting

Today it was the Greeks! I didn't study fashion in college (I was in Fine Arts) and I never took fashion history. So this has been a real challenge, and very informative, to substitute in a Fashion History class at San Diego Mesa College this week. I spent most of the day Sunday (until Super Bowl half-time) reviewing my notes on Greek history, culture, and clothing and creating Power Point presentations on all! Wow, what a crash course!

Presenting the material today was exciting but I did have some areas of confusion. What exactly is the difference between a Doric Chiton and an Ionic Chiton? Is it the peplum fold at the top of the wrap? Or is the closures at the shoulders with pins made of bone and known as "fibula"? Is the Chlaina the same as the Diplax, except for the part of the body where it is worn? How did the women keep the precarious Tholia on top of their heads?

I hope Susan Lazear can clarify some of these critical questions for Fashion 120. Meanwhile the Power Point presentations wil be uploaded soon to my educational site.

The Publishing class was easy though! We had fashion photo shoots right on campus to shoot promos for the Golden Scissors Fashion Show. More soon about the shoot...

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