Monday, March 29, 2010

Essential Tools for Stylists

I couldn't resist purchasing this sewing kit today - with pre-threaded needles. On a recent wardrobe styling job, I needed this but didn't have it. A male executive I was styling broke a shirt sleeve button as he was getting into his executive attire. He asked, "Does anyone have a needle and thread?"

"Of course I do!" I scoffed, only to look in my kit and find a sewing kit with thread, replacement buttons, tiny scissors - and no needle! I had to resort to a strip of double-sided carpet tape. How embarrassing - I mean I work in the opera costume shop but I didn't have a needle on location.

I imagine the black and white thread in this kit will get used up faster than the colors. But in the meantime I won't have to pause to thread a needle. I will have to remember to restock the thread though.

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