Friday, April 16, 2010

A Home Photo Studio

My friend Corey Johnston was wondering how to get a good photo of his products. He makes exquisite handmade and hand-painted jackets for his etsy store but found it a challenge to photograph them in a way that would show them at their best. I told him about Photo Styling Workshops' online course Style It & Shoot It. It would answer all his questions about do-it-yourself product photography and he's signing up for the next session.

Corey also writes a blog, Relished Artistry, which has a wonderful article about.. ME! (Quite flattering; thanks, Corey!) It is also about his new technique of covering a mannequin with a black velvet sleeve to enhance his garments in his home studio.

He has in turn inspired me to spread the word about Style It & Shoot It to the creative world of crafters and etsy store owners who already accomplish great photos but strive for more techniques to improve them. Next session to be announced soon. Visit Photo Styling Workshops for more information.

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