Friday, April 30, 2010

Toolkit Contest Entry # 2

This is the second entry in our Show Us Your Toolkit Contest, this one from Denise Reynolds, a food stylist.

I'm attaching some photos of my toolkit. I know you posted that the contest is rolling now...well, my toolkit really rolls--literally! I have experienced back pain on and off over the years, especially when I try to carry more weight than I know I should. That's one of the many reasons I love this toolkit. Not only does it rock and roll, but I can split it into three separate sections, and take only the sections that I'll be needing to a particular job site.

I also love the stylish stainless steel construction on this toolkit. I'm not really fond of dirty plastic; I feel so much better wheeling in a toolkit that looks as professional as I do.

This tool box meets my needs on multiple levels--literally! First, it's stylish, and it's virtually impossible to find a tool box that's stylishly designed.

Second, it's versatile. The gold plastic clips on the sides allow this box to be split into three separate tiers. All three tiers have their own handle and can be carried separately. The top two tiers have handles on the top of their sub-boxes, and the bottom section can be rolled around with the pull handle.

Third, it's organized. The top of the three sections resembles a traditional flat tool box comprised of a lift-out sectioned tray immediately beneath the lid, which can be lifted off to access a roomy undivided section below it. If you need just your basic tools, this top section can be carried alone. This top sub-box can be locked with a padlock (not included).

The middle section is also a self-contained toolbox with a sturdy carrying handle on top. This sub-box contains two identical pull-out drawers. This is the only part of the toolbox that is not designed to be secured with a padlock.

The bottom section is about 14 inches deep and it will store small pieces of equipment that are too bulky to fit into a traditional tool box. Again, it is designed to be secured with a padlock.

I like to think of this as more of a tool storage system than a tool box because I can reconfigure it as needed and take only the parts that I require that day to my job site. I can also remove the middle section and the top section will attach to the bottom section, so that's an option on days when I don't need the stuff I stow in the drawers.

The wheels are nicely sized to provide a smooth, steady glide when rolling. Since I have back problems, this is wonderful for me because it saves my back from carrying the weight of all my tools, which is considerable. To transport I typically disassemble the box into its three sections and then lift each section into my vehicle. I don't think it's made to lay down, fully assembled, on its back side.

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