Thursday, April 29, 2010

Toolkit Contest Entry # 1

The Toolkit Contest, offered by Photo Styling Workshops, is coming to a close. Tomorrow (April 30) is the last day to enter to win a free online class. This has been really fun for me and I think motivating to the people who have entered. They're motivated to take a free class and to evaluate their own styling kits. We've had three entries near the end of the month and I'm happy to share them here with you.

Lee Bottorff, a Food Styling 101 student of ours, sent the first entry and some great descriptions which follow. The other toolkits will follow.

I do garden and outdoor lifestyle and product styling, I always have kit envy when on set and the other stylist has a new configuration but I keep my various tool boxes anyway....So here is my kit on location last week at the prop is actually 3 boxes and a fourth is now being filled for additional floral styling tools....

Main one is a rolly from Home Depot that breaks apart.
- bottom is cleaning liquids, cloths, spray bottles, canned air, goo gone, fireplace lighter and my trusty Heat gun (great to melt cheese on a burger that's been on set waiting for its shot....basically big stuff.
- top section is the stuff I need the moment I get on set, hammer, fabric scissors, sandwich bags for tags (this one had lighters this round from all of the fire pits I just shot), all of my brushes for dusting cleaning (painting to detail oil paint brushes) Lint Roller, picture hooks and wire various sizes, felt pads.
-very top of the big boy has flip open sections for Fun Tack, Bank Pins

Second one is the floral, cut and paste bin.
- top cutting tools, flower frogs, hot glue gun, thorn stripper,
Floral pick and wire potting trowels.
- bottom Turkey Baster ( I use this for everything except turkey basting, it's essential), large freezer bags to stow product tags, or loose things from the set when you clear such as shims, pins, tape
- anything you don't have time to put away during the day. Green twine, zip ties, floral tapes etc.

Third one has sides that flip open and stays open all day, the photo team heads for this one usually for glue, fishing line, small clips and clamps, tapes, Playing cards ( keeps the photo guys busy while you set up the next shot), all shapes and sizes of bamboo skewers, tea lights both metal and clear plastic.
Jewelers kit (tiny tiny tools), pretty much any glue or adhesive substance, even small can of spray mount, shims plastic and wood, hem tape, double sided carpet tape, chalk, and nail polish remover for the clothing stylist or bed stylist and silver tape.

As I said I have a fourth one building now just for floral stuff; the cardboard box is full now.

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