Monday, May 10, 2010

Behind the Scenes Photos

As much fun as before-and-after photos are for us industry creatives, we love to see behind-the-scenes too. It's also valuable for people new to the world of photo shoots to get a glimpse of what goes on in a photo shoot.

Photographer Gregory Bertolini recently posted a batch of these to his Facebook page and has graciously allowed me to share them with you. These are some of my favorites but there are many more.

Chefs Ron & Bernard's cookbook photo shoot: it's all about planning and attention to details.

Cookbook shoot: The camera is always on a tripod and tethered to a computer.

Swimwear shoot: Stylist and assistant help set up shot while being pounded by waves. This is why we pack all equipment in waterproof cases.

Fashion shoot: with clothing designer, Lisa.

Behind the scene of a fashion shoot, the studio setup.

Location fashion photo shoot. Sometimes we are able to put the lights, reflectors and scrims away and just shoot 'natural'.

Location fashion shoot. Note the usual stylist 'butt shot'.

Behind the scene of a photo shoot: Pretty girls, tropical beach.

If you don't have any ideas add smoke!

Everyone has an opinion on which shot is the best.

Full studio view of a BMW shoot.

Thanks to Greg Bertolini for sharing this peek behind-the-scenes. Gregory is an Advertising Photographer in NYC. He specializes in Fashion and Beauty Photography and also Product and Food Photography. His Website is

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