Monday, June 7, 2010

What is Foodesigns?

Foodesigns is the longtime online resource site for food stylists, managed by Lisa Golden Schroeder. I'm glad it exists because that's how I found Lisa who manages our food styling program at Photo Styling Workshops. She's also the author of the online courses, Food Styling 101 and Everyday Food Styling. The following statement is from the Foodesigns site.

"We've realized that for many first-time visitors, it's not very clear what we do here at We've been on the web for 7 years now, as one of the few resources for food stylists, food photographers, students, and career changers interested in this great little corner of the culinary world. We offer essential info about the business of food styling, the role styling plays in commercial food photography, and real support for those of you already in the biz.

"Helpful weekly tips, a regular publication (The Tweezer Times™—an online e-magazine with articles from all over the world), and access to classes, seminars and workshops on food styling, photography, and visual communications are the core of what Foodesigns offers. We're all about YOU and what you need to be successful in this business."

While Foodesigns is jam-packed with inside info like Industry Interviews, Weekly Tips, and Web Resources for supplies,The Tweezer Times™ is a blog-in-progress. Lisa is a little too busy working as a professional stylist, teaching classes and workshops, and organizing conferences, to regularly update a blog, but its intention is good. And there is so much valuable information on Foodesigns, years' worth of accumulated industry knowledge, that she can be forgiven for not posting blog entries too!

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