Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another OOPS Food Shot

This image appeared in a recent food article in our local paper, The San Diego Union-Tribune. It was a promotion for a local arts festival. Does it get your taste buds in the mood for sushi? No, me neither.

While this one doesn't resemble a homely animal it did remind us of a surgical procedure. I think there is just too much pink fish meat cascading away from the viewer. Too much. Too pink.

What would you have done differently? Any ideas?


  1. I agree-some of the fish rolled in sushi rolls with rice and some of the seafood sliced and draped over rice. Different textures than plain fish pieces would have perked the photo up some. Wasabi and pickled ginger would have added some zing to the platter.

  2. I would focus on isolating just a few thin slices on rice and dressing it up with a hint of asian greens (maybe a couple thin slices of red chili)