Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Purple Fashions for Men

Speaking of men's fashion, I have been noticing this trend toward purple in men's fashions for the past few months.

Purple ties mostly, but sometimes they are combined with a shirt and a jacket in a different shade of purple.

I've seen it primarily on newscasters, but also on sports figures and politicians. Sometimes quite garish.

It's gotten to be kind of joke in my house, pointing to the TV screen and hollering "Purple!" There is also a lot of the color being used in advertising, as much in logos and graphics as in fashions. Look, you'll see it too.

Footnote: My friend Cedric Chang says "OK I actually have the real reason why you are seeeing an abundance of purple on tv....with the invention of HD (high def) the camera and the television are actually able to give you a correct shade of purple whereas before shooting purple always read a weird shade of blue. Unfortunately this still occurs in still photography in RGB." Thanks, Cedric!

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