Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stying Before I Knew What Styling Was

I recently came across this image - a two-page spread - from my high school yearbook. My entire high school class seems to have re-connected on Facebook recenty and that's a lot of fun.

One generous classmate scanned and uploaded our yearbook. That year - OK, I'll admit it, it was 1966! - I was on the yearbook staff and had my earliest experiences with page layouts and photo shoots. This was for the Most Popular, etc. students and I do remember positioning them in the central courtyard of our school and looking over the photographer's shoulder. We were apparently in an upstairs classroom window.

Now I can see some things I would have done differently. Too much overlap in the couple on the right-hand page (top). And Penny's coat, falling off her shoulders like that! Maybe we can reshoot it?

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