Thursday, September 16, 2010

Contest: My Favorite Styling Tool

Have you discovered the perfect styling tool or product? Something that makes your professional life surprisingly easy? Something you never expected would come in so handy? Whether you are a food, fashion, product or all-around stylist you know you have discovered a special tool. Show us the tool to be eligible to win.

This clear Museum Gel is my own favorite. Intended to stabilize items in museums or protect them during an earthquake, it is an invisible gel which is great for positioning items on a tabletop when putty would show. I first used it in a shot for some transparent Nike watches which were positioned against colored art paper.

Winner can enroll in any online course and pay no deposit - a $50 saving on a single course or a $100 saving on any two-course COMBO package. Winner will be determined by "the most interesting discovery of a styling tool." Plus we'll feature you and your styling tool on Photo Styling Workshops Website, Facebook page and this blog, The Invisible Stylist.

Submit your photo to me at or upload on our FACEBOOK Friend Page. (You will have to be a member of Facebook to post them though. Just go to Facebook and sign up on our Fan Page.) Include your name, styling specialty, and why you love this tool.

Read contest details at Photo Styling Workshops/Contest. Winner will be selected by the Photo Styling Workshops instructors, based on "the most interesting discovery of a styling tool" and will win a discounted online class at Photo Styling Workshops (Deposit will not be charged. Value $50 to $100!). Deadline is September 30, 2010.

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