Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spooky Plants

As Halloween approaches I've been remembering a window display I made some years ago. For about a year (1996) I had a plant store in Portland, Oregon, "The Window Garden" with a friend of mine. Since I'd been at the beginning of the house plant trend by opening a shop in Kent, Ohio in the early 70s, I'd always had dreams about doing it again. Literally. I still do - I discover an old greenhouse full of exotic plants on the edge of being alive. It is mine, I can have everything in it if I can bring them back to life. I have to do it. Or I discover that I've owned the store all along and I've forgotten about it, leaving it in the hands of assistants and forgetting how wonderful - and how much work - it all is.

So Cathy and I revived my dream and we were a few years, or maybe a decade, ahead of our time and it was not successful enough to make a go of it. I understand that now small garden stores are doing well leading big merchants like Target to close their garden centers.

At the Window Garden I had a great time creating window displays and my favorite was "Seven Spooky Plants." It featured mysterious plants like the Old Man Cactus, Pitcher Plants, Living Stones, and a Drunkard's Dream. The spooky title was written with white roll-on shoe polish on the glass. The most eerie moment of the month was when the sun reflecting on a car window caused a shadow image of "Spooky Plants" high on the interior wall of the store.

I'll present some other store displays when they become seasonally appropriate. Meanwhile, I'll just keep dreaming.

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