Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Match or Not?

I'm still struggling with the "new" fashion dictum that your clothes and accessories must never match. I grew up in the olden days when you would never dream of wearing black shoes with a brown belt. We even coordinated our gloves and hats! Now the idea of wearing off-white flats with a lacy black dress or carrying a yellow bag at the same time as wearing black shoes seems wrong. I know it's right, now, but it's a struggle.

This outfit that I wore to teach recently is an example of pushing the limits of the fashion rules, for me. I wore a brown/multicolored Fair Isle vest over charcoal gray pinstriped pants (brown and black together! prints and stripes together!). And instead of "pulling it all together" (a common phrase from those days and one I still find myself using) with a pair of brown boots, I went ahead and wore my off-white Keds wih red trim!

I recently recieved some 1965 McCall's magazines which I'll be posting about soon. You'll see what I mean about matching!

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