Monday, November 29, 2010

Tabletop Styling at Sundance Catalog

I happened to pick up a copy of Sundance catalog yesterday while getting my monthly pedicure, my habitual indulgence. I only stop reading magazines and catalogs long enough to appreciate the massage portion in concentrated bliss.

Valuing tabletop styling as I do, I enjoyed the jewelry shots which were propped with loosely wrapped gift boxes and ribbon. The boxes were sometimes used as a device for showing bracelets, watches, or necklaces. Sometimes the ribbon was run through a ring.

I visited the Sundance Website to see if the holiday shots were there too and discovered a very neat and attractive site. The navigation through varied categories of clothing, home products, and gifts, as well as jewelry was fun and easy. Many of the category pages featured some of the same well-styled tabletop shots such as this one.

Styling jewelry is fun and challenging in its intricacy and detail. I love doing it. And working with gift wrap is another aspect of my career. I have usually tried for crisp knife-edges on gift boxes, achieved by pressing a crease into the packaging with my fingers. I like the way that restriction was abandoned and the folds of the paper left loose.

Since these shots are completed for the most part in summer, it's part of the stylist's job to hunt for holiday wrapping and ribbons. One of my favorite sources is The Container Store. Now they are featuring their holiday gift wrap and clever tags but even in mid-summer there is an ample assortment of solid-colored gift wrap, along with gift boxes of all sizes and shapes.

I posted the following Tip of The Week on Photo Styling Workshops just this morning: Stock up on Holiday Props. If you have the space for storing, this is a great time to stock up on holiday props, gift, wrap, and ribbons for those shoots next summer. The selection of life-like garlands, generic stockings, gold, red, or blue wrapping paper, and subtle ornaments is at its best now.

But if you don't hit the stores now, you can still find the supplies you need for beautiful tabletop shots throughout the year. You just have to look harder.

Images courtesy of Sundance catalog

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