Sunday, November 21, 2010

Window Display Project

When my daughter gave me 12 empty white shopping bags recently (knowing that I like a challenge) I got an inspiration. How about asking for volunteers in my Fashion Photo Styling class at San Diego Mesa College? They could earn extra credit by creating a display in the fashion department's display window. They could use the bags to represent various courses offered in the department - and style them with materials related to that course. And they could use the skills they'd been learning about stuffing with fiberfill, suspending with monofilament, and analyzing how objects are positioned.

Four volunteers participated in the challenge and spent a few weeks meeting, planning, and creating their own bags. A Saturday on campus allowed them time to cover the tired old window with grey seamless paper and install the new display. This is what they created.

We asked the professors for prop contributions representing: Ethnic Costume, Millinery, Fashion History, Textiles, and of course, Styling. The entire window represented Visual Merchandising.

Thanks to Dominique Avila, Lizetth Durazo, Juhee Miller, and Steffi Weigand, four students who also have a great potential as future photo stylists, for their hard work planning and installing this window to promote our department. This photo was taken on a rainy day - I love what happened when the raindrops on the window reflected the camera flash.

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  1. Great project! It looks like you have some very talented students and I'm so excited to see their interest in visual merchandising. Oh, to celebrate the potential of a plain shopping bag.
    ~Becky Tyre
    Retail Details blog