Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Purple Fashions for Men

Speaking of men's fashion, I have been noticing this trend toward purple in men's fashions for the past few months.

Purple ties mostly, but sometimes they are combined with a shirt and a jacket in a different shade of purple.

I've seen it primarily on newscasters, but also on sports figures and politicians. Sometimes quite garish.

It's gotten to be kind of joke in my house, pointing to the TV screen and hollering "Purple!" There is also a lot of the color being used in advertising, as much in logos and graphics as in fashions. Look, you'll see it too.

Footnote: My friend Cedric Chang says "OK I actually have the real reason why you are seeeing an abundance of purple on tv....with the invention of HD (high def) the camera and the television are actually able to give you a correct shade of purple whereas before shooting purple always read a weird shade of blue. Unfortunately this still occurs in still photography in RGB." Thanks, Cedric!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fashion Do's and Don'ts for Men

The Wall Street Journal recently announced its new men's fashion section with this ad. I love it! Do's and Don'ts for Men. Never wear short pants with no socks - you'll never compete.

I've always enjoyed the Do's and Don'ts page at the back of Glamour magazine, with real people looking bad and their eyes blacked out for anonymity. It'd be fun to see such a display for men, who in real life are more likely to be wearing baggy shorts, stained T-shirts and flip-flops on un-pedicured feet. These men could even be found on the streets of New York City!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stying Before I Knew What Styling Was

I recently came across this image - a two-page spread - from my high school yearbook. My entire high school class seems to have re-connected on Facebook recenty and that's a lot of fun.

One generous classmate scanned and uploaded our yearbook. That year - OK, I'll admit it, it was 1966! - I was on the yearbook staff and had my earliest experiences with page layouts and photo shoots. This was for the Most Popular, etc. students and I do remember positioning them in the central courtyard of our school and looking over the photographer's shoulder. We were apparently in an upstairs classroom window.

Now I can see some things I would have done differently. Too much overlap in the couple on the right-hand page (top). And Penny's coat, falling off her shoulders like that! Maybe we can reshoot it?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another OOPS Food Shot

This image appeared in a recent food article in our local paper, The San Diego Union-Tribune. It was a promotion for a local arts festival. Does it get your taste buds in the mood for sushi? No, me neither.

While this one doesn't resemble a homely animal it did remind us of a surgical procedure. I think there is just too much pink fish meat cascading away from the viewer. Too much. Too pink.

What would you have done differently? Any ideas?