Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Contest: Show Us Your Resume

Photo Styling Workshops is having another big contest! This one is: Show Us Your Resume!

The art of creating resumes is always changing in artistic fields such as styling, photography, and art direction. The boring, traditional ones are not always the best choice. Still we must present our information and backgrounds in a clear and orderly manner. How do you do that?

In addition to the publicity from offering a contest my motive is research for the revised edition of my book, "Photo Styling," I'd like to know what's current. Who knows, you just might be featured!

I think my own resume is quite traditional and dull. Not creative in the least. However, I haven't needed to present it in years. And mine has evolved more into an academic CV or cirriculum vitae, anyway.

The need for a resume is rare for a stylist - unless you are applying for a staff job. Still, you never know when you might need one. Another function of your resume is the process of getting your thoughts in order - writing down your relevant work experiences and responsibilites can produce some surprises, of the "Oh yes, I really did do all that!" variety.
Submit your resume - not for a job but for this contest - by uploading it our Facebook page (include your name and email address) OR by emailing it to Please remove your contact information but leave your email address if you choose.

Winner can enroll in any online course and pay no deposit - a $50 saving on a single course or a $100 saving on any two-course COMBO package. Judges are the instructors and staff at Photo Styling Workshops. Winner will be determined by our judges as "the best resume style for a creative."

Deadline is February 5, 2011.

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