Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fabric-Free Fashion

Why am I ironing maps? Why am I cutting out a dress using my paper scissors? I was invited by guest curator Susan Lazear to participate in an exhibition at Visions Art Museum in San Diego.

The show is for wearable artists and fashion designers to transform their concepts into media other than fabric. They'll be displayed on mannequins in the gallery this spring.

Consulting with my muse (my husband, Gary) I decided on printed maps. Maps have always been my favorite component in collaged art pieces, usually just a section, though. This time I dug out full-sized Michelin maps of Southern France, Italy, and Mexico. And loving to use layers in my work, I'll also bring in some parchment with hand-drawn maps.

Yesterday was my chance to start working. I took a dress I'd recently designed (the Hospital Gown, but that's another story) and converted it into a muslin pattern for the map dress. The main pieces have been cut and will be sewn together with a zipper up the back and facings in the curved areas. I experimented and found that the paper responds well to stitching and that narrow facings produce a nicely shaped curve.

I'll keep posting on the progress - I am so excited about this project!

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