Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Map Dress Update

I got to sew the "Fabric-Free" map dress yesterday! It was so much fun to start constructing it. (And on a weekday, how scandalous - I usually only let myself do art on weekends, a priority problem I have. But that's another article.) Overall the dress looks very wide now because it is paper and therefore kind of flat.
I cut out the shaped facings for the neckline. They will be sewn and turned to the inside for a nicely finished edge. I used Italy. The bodice is Southern France, front and back. The skirt front is Italy, too, and the skirt back is Mexico. I found quality maps in my from Michelin and American Map with white on the reverse side.

Here is the skirt back before construction, just after I cut it out.

The most fun was installing the zipper. It's a lapped zipper, more interesting and zipper-like than a centered zipper. I took it to my Apparel Construction class today so I could put it on a mannequin. There it looked quite good - except I will be narrowing down the skirt tapering to 2" less width on the bottoms of each seam.

So sewing on paper is interesting. The stitches work just fine and are strong enough. The difference is the flexibility compared to fabric. I really appreciate the flexibility of fabric now, even when it's on grain. Paper just stays where it is. Nonetheless it is amazing how you can manipulate it into curves.

More to come as the process progresses!

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