Saturday, March 19, 2011

Drawings for the Map Dress

Progress with the dress: The facings are applied around the neckline and trimmed away. They'll be hand-tacked and slip-stitched to the zipper just like typical facings would be.

Now I can get out the baker's parchment paper and draw some maps to add for sleeves and bottom ruffles. Here are the sleeves before they are cut out.

The sleeves are lightly gathered and set in like any sleeve.

Now for the bottom ruffles. They're wide so I draw an overlapping collage of maps of different U.S. areas.

Gathering with traditional gathering stitches.

The ruffles are sewn to binding strips of maps to be attached to the hem of the dress. These are going to be the last step. First we've got to figure out how to stitch the dress's side seams when I can't really turn paper inside out! That's for another session...

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  1. Very very cool, Susan!!! I can't wait to see it all done! What a wonderful idea!!