Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Map Dress Update

Well, I wrote this on a previous weekend and am just now publishing it. Meanwhile the dress has been completed! But then I tried it on - read on, there's more to come...

This is it, the weekend when I really finish the map dress for the Fabric-Free Fashion Exhibition. And the deadline is still over a month away! (It seems like I have the same goal every weekend but this time, I'm serious.) In the last couple of work sessions some real progress was made. Here's a review.

The skirt was attached to the bodice and the front and back were finished as well as the shoulder seams and neckline. After a lot of thought, I realized I couldn't sew both side seams and turn the dress right side out, like a fabric garment.

I sewed the bodice sides but what had to give was the front waist seam. Then I sewed the skirt sides and turned that right side out.

Turning the dress right side out was like a birth.

The dress is wrinkled and softened by the manipulation. Now there is only the bottom ruffle to attach to the handkerchief hem.

This image shows the ruffles (illustrated parchment paper, gathered) attached to binding strips so they can be easily (ha ha) stitched to bottom of the dress. Below, they're pinned and ready for sewing.

You can see that the sewing process is challenging:

 Next, finishing details like hand-stitching the facing down at the zipper placket.

Cheers, it's apparently finished! Nothing to do now but celebrate and try it on.

So yesterday I tried it on, a bit of a challenge but my husband helped me get into it. Unfortunately, I looked like Little Bo Peep - I'd hope that the shape of a body would fill the dress and make it appear less wide and stiff. I'm going to taper the skirt sides by 4 inches at each side and create an elasticized casing for the silly-looking sleeves. The bodice fits beautifully - the good news.

Back to the sewing machine...

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