Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Mannequin Project

Alexandra Domont, my student in Apparel Construction has been telling me about an art project she's participating in, The Mannequin Project. Her piece is featured at the San Diego International Airport and I love how she's incorporated text with the human body and garments in this piece.

She says, "What inspired me first throughout this mannequin process was my health and my heart, I had some health issues in the beginning and wanted to use them to my advantage creatively. I thought about myself and other women going through what I was going through, and wanted to express myself in a poetic way... 
"I love typography, and I've been writing poetry for many, many years and love to be able to put the two together. Fashion has always been a love of mine and finding a way for art to meet fashion was inspiring in itself. My main focus was creating art from the heart.

"The poems are all inspirational poems about loving yourself and being strong about who you are. To me this means finding strength in your own way, not in ways that other perceive you 'should' be strong; but being strong for you.

"My mannequin holds a heart behind her back with open hands, being open with caution, continually self reflecting."

Alexandra has her own line of clothing with text, Lyriclothing. See more at her Website,

From The Mannequin Project site: "The Mannequin Project consists of 14 established local artists. Each has created a work of art from an existing recycled mannequin form or produced one from scratch with their own unique approach, technique and mediums. The result is a varied and exciting interpretation of the humanoid form." Read more about The Mannequin Project, which is a part of the Art Meets Fashion annual events.

Art Meets Fashion is a collaborative event sponsored by San Diego Visual Artists Network and FOCUS (Fashion Opportunities Connect US) with pieces displayed throughout San Diego.

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