Thursday, June 30, 2011

Styling Book Review: Secrets of a Fashion Stylist

I've just discovered - and read - this great little E-book, "Secrets of a Fashion Stylist, How to Break into the Business and Learn from My Mistakes." Of course I contacted the author/stylist Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt right away to talk book marketing.

She says she wrote the book because she wished she'd been able to read one just like it when she was starting out, instead of having to figure it out all on her own - by trial and error. It's currently an E-book but may soon be available in print.

New York City-based, she works with a combination of commercial photo shoots, personal styling, celebrity clients, and editorial work, like most fashion stylists do.

The book is fun to read and would be invaluable if you are planning to work in the NYC market, just as Alexandra would be a fun fashion friend to hang out with - it seems to me, she's friendly, wry, and wise. If you're working in Milwaukee or Houston, the information would still be helpful.

Of course, being the fanatic editor that I am, I immediately wanted to change a few things. ("Put down that pencil, Susan!") The formatting is a little hard to read and the font a bit large. But otherwise there were only a few changes I'd make to help get this important information across. We're hoping to offer it for sale on Photo Styling Workshops quite soon. Meanwhile you can find it on Alexandra's site,

This is the first in a series of styling book reviews.

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