Sunday, July 24, 2011

Styling Book Review: Food Styling

The debut of Delores Custer's book "Food Styling" was welcome when published this spring. The significant collection of information about food styling was a long time in the making - and it is obvious why it took Delores years to write it. At 398 pages it is chock-full of everything one could want to know about the field.

When I recieved my copy I started reading at the beginning. Before long, I abandoned that ambitious idea. This is not that kind of book. This is the kind of book that one refers to when any piece of information is needed. Let's take a random look.

Page 29, The challenges of styling for live television. Page 136, Things that keep foods moist. Page 173, A glossary of herbs. Page 189, The no-fail pancake toolbox. Page 284, Melting chocolate. And page 357, Culinary happenings, 1950-1997, listing things like when Cool Whip hit the market. How useful for historical research!

One of my favorites is a chart of the popular garnishes and props for each decade of food photography. Included in the book are guides to the workday, tool lists, how-tos for any food you might need to style, and the business.

No, this isn't a book to read, it is a book to use. For anything about food styling. If a stylist needs to prepare for a particular job, the information is there. Thanks, Delores, for a beautiful and thorough guide.

This is part of a series of styling book reviews.

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